General Terms and Conditions

• The Half Marathon Race will include only people who are over 18 years old, and able-bodied.

• The 5k Race will include people who are over 12 years old, and able-bodied.

• The 1k Race will include primary school pupils who are able-bodied.

• In case there is a minor who wishes to participate in the races, the entry form is submitted by the custodial parent(s). By submitting the entry form, we consider that the custodial parent(s) has consented that their child will participate in the Event.

• The participants are fully aware of the risks that their participation entails, regarding possible damage to their health.

• Every runner participates in the Event with their own free will.

• Every runner participates in the Event being fully responsible of their physical condition and their ability to participate.

• The Organisers of the Event bear no responsibility in the event of injury, damage or other harm which a participant or a spectator may suffer.

• Only formally registered runners can participate in the Event races.

• The Runners are obliged to wear their personal bib number which has been provided to them by the Organisers on the chest. In any other case, it is likely that they will be disqualified.

• All the participants are obliged to respect and observe the rules of the Event prior to, during, and after the races.

• The event will be carried out on the day that has been designated as Event Day regardless of the weather conditions. Only under extreme circumstances or circumstances beyond our control do the Organisers have the right to postpone the Start time or cancel the Event depending on the conditions. In such a case, the registration fee is non-refundable.

• The Organisers of the Event maintain the right to change the timetable of the races, as well as the terms and conditions regarding participation and the conduct of the event without prior warning or announcement on the website of the event.

• The participants accept that their personal details can be shared with third parties for the purposes of timing, result announcement lists and the publication of the latter on the webpage. Personal data of the participant provided through the registration process will be stored and used solely within the framework of the Event. By registering for the event, the participant agrees to the collection, storage, and use of their personal data for the purposes of the event.

• The participants consent to the use of their image during the race by the organisers, sponsors, or other associates for the purposes of the Event’s promotion, without the right to partial or full compensation.

Registration Terms and Conditions

• The Organisers maintain the right to suspend or terminate the registration process without prior announcement.

• The registration in one of the races of the event is possible only through the online registration platform available in the webpage of the Event or via other ways as defined by the Organisers.

• The registration is valid only if the appropriate fee has been deposited and cleared in the Organisers bank accounts. Should the participant pay their fee using a credit / debit card following the submission of the electronic entry form, they should email the receipt of the card payment to the email address mentioned in the electronic entry form. In any other case, the registration is not considered valid.

• If the appropriate fee has not been fully paid within two (2) working days since the submission of the electronic entry form, the registration will be cancelled without prior warning.

• Any changes in completed registrations, such as replacing a runner, or switching races, are not possible after the end of the registration period for each race separately, or after a specific date that will be designated by the Organisers.

• Cancelling a completed registration is possible only within the framework of the cancellation policy of the event – this policy is posted on the relevant page of the website.

• Following the confirmation of the registration, it is not possible to change the size of the T-shirt that has been selected by the runner (in the case that the confirmed registration is for a race where a T-shirt is provided).

Terms and Conditions for Bib Numbers

• Bib numbers are received personally by the registered runner only and only at the Registraiton Office on the days and at the hours this is open, by displaying their ID card or other official document that verifies their identity (e.g. passport, driving licence). The registered runner can authorise another person to receive their bib number, either with an authorisation statement notarised by local authorities or with a simple authorisation statement, bearing full responsibility and ensuring that the representative has a valid ID card or another document that verifies the runner’s identity.

• To receive the bib number, apart from identity verification, the confirmation email is also required – this message clearly states the runner’s personal bib number.

• Replacing runners and/or switching races is not possible under any circumstances after receiving the bib numbers from the Registration Office of the Event. At the Registration Office, it is only possible to update the data of the already registered runner and partially correct personal data.

• Bib numbers and/or material included in the selected registration are not under any circumstances despatched via mail or any other method to the recipients prior, during or after the opening hours and days of the Registration Office.

• Bib numbers and/or material included in the selected race that have not been received during the opening hours of the Registration Office can not be received at a later time or date.


Terms and Conditions – Event Day

• The participants are obliged to observe the rules and regulations as defined by the organisers, as well as the instructions and guidance of the volunteers and staff members of the event, including the decisions made for them to remove themselves from the race.

• Whatever infraction or non-compliance with the regulations and/or the instructions and guidelines defined by the Organisers as well as the international regulations of AIMS and IAAF will lead to immediate disqualification from the race and the participant’s results will be stricken from the rankings without any compensation.

• The bib number is personal and cannot be transferred to another athlete under any circumstances.

• The participants are obliged to read and respect the instructions they have received from the Organisers either electronically or in print throughout the duration of the period preceding the race (e.g. Useful Tips, Race Schedule, etc) which have been posted on the website of the Event.

• Access to the route of the race as well as the Start and Finish areas is not allowed to non-registered runners (individuals without visible and valid bib number).

• Every participant bears the responsibility to complete the required data on the back of the bib number, whether this is contact details or personal medical data.

• The use of bicycles or other wheeled means are not allowed during the race on the route, whether this involves a runner or a chaperone. In such a case, the directly involved participant is disqualified from the race and is required to remove him/herself from the Event.

• The time limit for the Half Marathon is set at 165 minutes (2h 45’) since the Start.

• The time limit for the 5k Race has been set at 60 minutes since the Start.

• The athletes will be allocated a place in one of the two different Start groups depending on their previous performance – which they will declare in their entry form.

• The official time starts counting with the sound of the starting pistol. The net time is the period from the moment the athlete crosses the Start arch until the Finish line.

• Ranking in the race results from the official finish times. Net time and intermediate times are announced only during runners’ briefings.