The Event package will be distributed to the registered athletes at the Registration Office, the day before the Event, from 10am until 6pm (10:00-18:00) at Water Plaza (at the end of the Esplanade Bridge).
To receive the package, the runner should have the confirmation email from the organisers that states their bib number as well as their identity card (or other document that proves their identity).

In case you cannot collect your event package personally, you may assign a representative to do that for you. The representative must have a copy of the confirmation email sent by the Organisers and a photocopy of the runner’s identity card.

NOTE! If a runner has not received the confirmation email sent by the Organisers stating their bib number and they cannot find their name in the starting lists of the Event’s website, then they should visit the Registration Office at SNFCC to collect their bib number, providing proof of identity and submitting the fee deposit receipt.