Guidelines for Runners

Guidelines for the 21.1k and 5k races

Age restrictions
To participate in the 21.1k race, the athlete must be 18 years of age and over
To participate in the 5k race, the athlete must be 12 years of age and over

Prior to the Event

Before you set off from your home for the Start of the Race at Water Plaza make sure you have the following with you:
1. Your unique Bib Number as well as the fastenings you received on Saturday before the race from the Registration Office at Water Plaza (at the end of the Esplanade Bridge).
2. The special sports bag you received and/or your own personal sports bag with the necessary clothing and the personal bib number affixed on it to ensure you can distinguish it among others.

Arriving at the Start Line

The start of the 21.1k and the 5k races will take place at the Water Plaza (at the end of the Esplanade Bridge) which you can reach either via tram (Delta Falirou Stop) or through the SNFCC park by walking towards the seafront and descending the stairs that take you to the level of the Canal.
It should be noted that the runners must be at the Start at least one hour before the Race begins. Also, bear in mind that since 8am, there will be partial traffic restrictions along Doiranis Str and Lamprou Katsoni Str on both directions to accommodate the 21.1k and 5k races (please, see the route map).

Start Time

At the Water Plaza

21.1k – 08:30am
5k – 11:15am
1k for children and students: 12.15pm

Warm Up Area

All the athletes can warm-up at Water Plaza area right next to the sea canal as well as in front or behind the Start point.

Personal Effects Storage

The runners will be able to store their belongings within the plastic bag they will be provided with along with their bib number from the registration office at Water Plaza.

This bag should be handed over to the staff and volunteers at a specified area at least 15 minutes before the start of the race.

Retrieving your personal belongings will be on a first-come-first-served basis by displaying your personal bib number and with the help of our wonderful volunteers.

Your sports bag should have your personal bib number displayed clearly. The bag should be fully closed and it shouldn’t contain items of value, cash, mobile phones, medication or other fragile/delicate items.
The organizers are not responsible for any loss or theft of items of value.

During the Race

Supply Stations

Bottled water will be provided to the runners of the Half Marathon race (21.1k) and the runners of the 5k race at the Start point, the Finish line, as well as mid-way the route (2.5k for the 5k race and at 5k, 10k, 15k, and 15k for the Half Marathon).
Also, the participants in the Half Marathon will be provided with isotonic drinks.

Chemical Toilets

In the Start/Finish area, there will be chemical toilets to accommodate the needs of the participants in the races.

Time Limit for Each Race

21.1k – 2h 45’
5k – 60’
1k – 20’

After the Finish

All the runners will be awarded their medals after their race. Also, they should head for the storage area to retrieve their personal belongings.


The prizes (medal and certificate) will be awarded to the three first runners in the overall ranking (Men and Women) for each race, while a Cup will be awarded to the winner of each race.

Results – Certificates of Participation

The unofficial results of the first runners will be announced immediately. The results for all participants will be announced on the website of the Event (…) a few days after the Event.


The Organisers of the Event are working closely with a professional event photography studio, where all the participants can obtain the pictures they wish to have.

We wish you the best of luck

The Organisers.