Start time: 11:15am

The route starts and finishes at Water Plaza. The route is the same with the 5Km road race (two loops).

The runners are insured against any accident during the course of the race.

For the start, the participants will be allocated into two blocks according to their performance in previous races (which they have to state in their entry form).

The time limit for this race is 60’.

A runner cannot participate in the race unless they have registered and have been assigned a bib number. Runners who do not have a bib number are kindly requested to respect the athletes and give way. Furthermore, for safety reasons, runners without bib numbers should not attempt to start or finish the race at the same time as the registered athletes.

The runners who ignore the above will be blocked from reaching the start and finish lines.

To participate in the 10 Km Road Race, an athlete must be at least 12 years old.