The Event supports the efforts to protect the Environment.

1. Reduce Waste

Reduce the amount and volume of waste. Avoid products with excessive packaging that only ends up in the landfills.
Do not throw any litter along the route of the race.
ReUse: select reusable packaging or packaging manufactured with recycled products. Avoid using plastic bags.
Recycle: separate recyclables such as paper, aluminum, plastic, glass, and take them to the blue recycling bins when it is possible. Opt for recycled products when shopping.
Do not throw litter. Keep the rubbish with you until you find a bin.
If you cannot avoid using plastic bottles, make sure you recycle them afterwards. Opt for refillable bottles.
Donate your used sports gear and clothes. Take part in the sport shoes collection and redistribution programme “Let Them Run Again”.

2. Reduce the use of water
75% of domestic water use takes place in the bathroom, while each individuals uses about 40% more water than they need.
Do not waste water by leaving the tap on when you are in the shower or you are brushing your teeth.

3. Make the right Transport Choice
If possible, walk or use a bike.
Opt for carpooling with other athletes to reduce extra cars in the streets.
Contribute to the reduction of air pollution as well as the reduction of energy consumption by using public means of transport to and from the Event.

4. Reduce Energy Consumption
Use rechargeable batteries for your portable sound system and avoid batteries which contain cadmium or zinc.
Remember to shut down your electric and electronic devices when you are not using them.
Look for labels that identify products as energy efficient and eco-friendly.
Make sure you remove your phone’s charger from the socket once you are finished recharging your phone.
Inform and encourage your fellow athletes, your sports association, your friends and family members to adopt eco-friendly habits.

Let’s make sure that the only traces we leave on this world are our footprints

Remember – there is no Planet B!